About Us

High-level cardiac services from skilled and experienced Cardiologists

Established in 2002, Hearts West is a multi-site provider of high-level specialist cardiology services in Western Australia. Our consultancy started out as a sole cardiac operator in a single room, and has expanded exponentially to become a widely recognised cardiology service with five Cardiologists, with 30 employees.

Our team of Cardiologists are extremely skilled and experienced, and have sub-specialty training for a range of additional cardiac treatments. The Hearts West cardiac team provides a consulting service, and admit patients to both public and private hospitals. We are in the unusual position of being a private practice with direct public hospital affiliations, allowing us to provide comprehensive cardiology assistance to each of our patients who are first assessed at our rooms, with our full range of advanced medical equipment.

Our team has access to the very best technology, which is readily available at our property. This allows us to accurately diagnose and manage a broad range of heart problems.

We have strived to create and advanced technology infrastructure to help us provide accurate and reproducible results, electronic downloads and medical records, and a 24-hour turnaround time in reporting. With our team, medical equipment and reputable affiliates, you can trust us to have your best interests at heart.

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